A comparative analysis of the political theories of plato and aristotle

A comparative analysis of the political theories of plato and aristotle

He became a student of Socrates, but his studies with the Greek master were interrupted by the Peloponnesian War , which pit Athens against Sparta. Even though Aristotle's classification system has been replaced, much of his method remains in use in modern nomenclature. Saunders, Politics I—II Murphy eds. Desire seeking individuals engaged in materialistic pleasures and according to Plato, they ended up being the majority of citizens referred to as commoners. Plato chose to tell the reader of his Republic how men would act and what their attitudes would be in a perfect society Hacker Hence, Platonic dialogs in essence try to conceptualize and critically analyze beliefs subject to justice. Considered to be a brilliant student, in B. Long, Roderick T. This tale was told in order to induce order and harmony into society which would otherwise be in disarray if all individuals wanted to rule. Aristotle is also known for having devised a classification of forms of government and for introducing an unusual definition of democracy that was never widely accepted. Both Aristotle and Plato believed thoughts were superior to the senses. Plato and Aristotle are two great philosophers of ancient Greece.

Plato became the primary Greek philosopher based on his ties to Socrates and Aristotle and the presence of his works, which were used until his academy closed in A. What this meant is that the state would miss out on a great leader with wisdom and high values simply because he did not belong to the ruling class.

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Enrico Pattaro]. Even though Aristotle's classification system has been replaced, much of his method remains in use in modern nomenclature. This institution is not the state or society merely the larger unit of the two hacker Although eschewing a utopian solution or large-scale constructs such as nations or empires , Aristotle moved beyond political theory to become the first political scientist, observing political processes in order to formulate improvements. In particular, the Rulers understand not only the good of the state but, necessarily, the Good itself, the result of years of rigorous training to prepare them for their leadership role. The Guardians are to be wise and good rulers. Even so, Aristotle's empirical approach based on observation, hypothesis and direct experience experimentation is at least part of the basis for scientific activity in nearly every field of study.

Kahn, Charles H. The prisoner then ventures outside and discovers the existing features in nature, but is first blinded by the sun that helps him see these things Plato c. Substantial and accidental forms are not created, but neither are they eternal. In fact, there are several ideas for everything, for each subject can be defined by several predicates.

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Bruce Douglas, Gerald M. One of his ideas, now used at school, is the Socratic Method. Thus ancient ethicists typically addressed themselves to three related questions: 1 What does a good or flourishing human life consist of?

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They are introduced into a thing when it is made, or they may be acquired later, as in the case of some accidental forms. Croix, London: Duckworth, , pp. Aristotle vs Plato : A critical pupil Plato owed much to his predecessors. Aristotle was a youth of gentle birth and breeding, his father occupying the position of physician to King Philip of Macedon. Aristotle sees the cause of revolutions originating with either the rich or the poor Hacker There is so much of Plato's utopia that is undefined and it is carried to extremes that no human being could ever fulfill its requirements Hacker For an example of theory espoused by Aristotle and Plato that is no longer considered valid, watch the video below regarding Plato and Aristotle's opinions on slavery.

It cannot even explain the knowledge we have. A good government was therefore just and maintained a balance in all state offices. Socrates was born in B. Republic, b.

Enrico Pattaro].

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