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As the story closes, Anju welcomes Sudha and her baby in America even though she realizes her husband has an obsession with Sudha. We come across many incidents where we get glimpses of the orthodox Indian culture. Anju is placed on Sudha's mother's stomach in a belief that Anju's presence would make Sudha be born more quickly. Sunil allows Anju to continue her studies after marriage, which is not in the fate of Sudha. Ultimately, the tie between Anju and Sudha supersedes all other love, as each sustains painful loss to save the other. Life on that part of the world seems easier and freer to the author. There is often a great disparity between what is the proper thing to do and what is the fun, exciting thing to do. Through deep psychological insights into the characters, she has very neatly revealed the texture of the patriarchal system from a feministic perspective.

When Sudha learns the truth about her father and no longer needs to right his wrongs, she sees that all along her affection for Anju has not been dictated by necessity. We see that at certain instances, she questions her husband when his behaviour irritates her.

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The mothers tell the girls that loving someone too much is dangerous. Beautiful and calm, Sudha is a storyteller and dreams of designing clothes and having a family. It is with this letter that the novel has a surprising twist. She was born in in Calcutta. Together they experience the joys, pains, mystical tales, and tiresome tasks that accompany growing up in a traditional Indian house in Calcutta. There are set roles they must either accept or risk gaining a reputation. This is not so in case of the boys. Passion and pragmatism.

Once they both escape from school to cinema house and that creates a big chaos. Narrated by Sudha and Anju in alternate chapters, this is the tale of their relationship over the years, a friendship that is almost destroyed by jealousy and family secrets.

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As they mature, Anju dreams of college, Sudha of children, but arranged marriages divide and thwart them. Life on that part of the world seems easier and freer to the author.

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Passion and pragmatism. Sister of My Heart is less reliant on enchantment but no less enchanting as it tells the tale of two cousins born on the same day, their premature births brought on by a mysterious occurrence that claims the lives of both their fathers. It's my habit, and it's my fate.

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Women's friendships - Anju and Sudha's friendship is a deep one and strongly developed in the novel. Divakaruni did not write fiction until she finished her doctoral studies in English at the University of California at Berkeley. Sudha has nowhere to turn, leaving her husband would be grounds to talk to each other again as true sisters. Dress, celebrations, and religious beliefs in the novel are very much a part of Indian culture and described in detail. There is often a great disparity between what is the proper thing to do and what is the fun, exciting thing to do. Why was it significant for Sudha to know the truth about her past and not be able to tell Anju? The keeping of secrets and the telling of lies play a huge part in the novel. The three mothers - Gouri, Nalini and Pishi - are also a unique group of women running a household together. She is tortured by her mother in law, Mrs.

This shift from old house to a flat also suggests a transition from rigid culture to a modernized one. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. In contrast to this is the American life.

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