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State of Karnataka There should be a weekly holiday.

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To provide arrangements in the factory for ensuring safety and absence of risk to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances To provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as are necessary to ensure the health and safety of all workers at work.

Therefore, the Factories Act, consolidating and amending the law relating to labour in factories, was passed by the Constituent Assembly on August 28, It is, however necessary that the workers and their representatives make themselves aware of the various provisions of the Act and safeguard their interests on their own and force the defaulting employer to be conscious of his legal obligations.

Penalty for obstructing inspector.

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However, the total number of hours of overtime must not exceed 50 hours for a quarter. Besides mines, the new Act also excludes railway running sheds from the definition of Factories.

Section G The occupier shall, in every factory where a hazardous process takes place, or where hazardous substances are used or handled, set up a Safety Committee consisting of equal number of representatives of workers and management to promote co-operation between the workers and the management in maintaining proper safety and health at work and to review periodically the measures taken in that behalf.

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Rules in this regard may be prescribed by the central government as well. This allows to link your profile to this item. What is a Factory Under Factories Act, ? The factories should have proper drainage system, adequate lighting, ventilation, temperature etc. However, they may act as hazardous towards the workers in the factories and may result in injury or even fatality in the case of any technical issue. P, Bangalore v. Appointment of Safety officers. Hence, one can see that there are a number of such provisions designed to make sure a factory is a conducive workplace. Register of Adult Workers. Although there is an entire chapter [32] dealing specifically for the same, Chapter IV also has certain specifications dealing with explosive substances, [33] precautions in case of fire [34] , and precautions for eyes [35] and so on. What will come under precincts of particular premises will depend on the instances of each case. Powers to make rules for exemptions to workers:Under the Act, the state government may make rules to i define persons who hold management or confidential positions; and ii exempt certain types of adult workers e. The occupier of a factory involving a hazardous process shall, with the previous approval of the Chief Inspector, lay down measures for the handling, usage, transportation and storage of hazardous substances inside the factory premises and the disposal of such substances outside the factory premises and publicise them in the manner prescribed among the workers and the general public living in the vicinity. The State Government are empowered to make rules requiring the association of the workers in the management of arrangements for the welfare of the workers.

Various factories carry out processes, which call for the disposal of effluents [22]the responsibility of which has been meted out to the State Governments. State Government is obliged to see that all the factories are registered and take a licensing for working, which should be periodically renewed.

General penalty for offences. Facilities for sitting and Canteens. The aim and object of the Act is essentially to safeguard the interests of workers, stop their exploitation and take care of their safety, hygiene and welfare at their places of work.

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Factories Act, (India)