An analysis of one flew over the cuckoos nest a novel by ken kesey

McMurphy, causes a disruption of the routine. While their treatment of him is tolerated, despite the fact that he is physically much larger than they are, Chief expresses a greater fear of Big Nurse, Nurse Ratched.

One flew over the cuckoos nest analysis

The novel's critique of the mental ward as an instrument of oppression comparable to the prison mirrored many of the claims that French intellectual Michel Foucault was making at the same time. At first they defend Ratched, but eventually agree with McMurphy's assessment. The Chief says Nurse Ratched hired them for their sadistic nature. In controlling the ward she is helped by three black aides. Nurse Ratched blames McMurphy for the loss of Billy's life. Randle gets into a fight with two attendants and is helped by Chief Bromden. Nevertheless, Big Nurse turns the television off. Only when one of the patients, who felt betrayed by their hero, drowns himself in the pool does he begin to rebel again. Billy has a fear of women, especially those with authority such as his mother. McMurphy manages to persuade him to lead a fishing expedition for the patients after discovering he had captained a PT boat during World War II. He convinces the inmates to resist Nurse Ratched by watching a blank TV screen, even when she turns off the World Series This trip, which is organized by McMurphy, helps the inmates realize that they can act for themselves and returns to them some sense of self-respect.

Because the party involves breaking hospital rules, the inmates are forced into a situation in which they will have to defend themselves. Description of the main characters: Randle Patrick McMurphy: Randle is a red-haired, smooth-talking convict who fakes hearing strange sounds in order to escape the hard work at Pendleton Work Farm.

Eventually, this all begins to change as McMurphy begins his struggle to help save the other inmates. When McMurphy refuses to apologize, he and Chief are given electroshock therapy. However, the damage has already been done, and Nurse Ratched's rule is broken after McMurphy's attack leaves her nearly unable to speak, which renders her unable to intimidate her patients, subordinates and superiors.

Fredrickson takes Sefelt's medication as well as his own because he is terrified of the seizures, and loses teeth due to the resulting overdosage.

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Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Billy Bibbit has a crush on her and McMurphy arranges a night for Candy to sleep with him. McMurphy only looks out for himself; however, this all changes when he realizes the permanence of his residency on the ward if he does not conform.

Setting The novel takes place in a ward of a mental hospital in the state of Oregon.

One flew over the cuckoos nest summary

Chief returns to the ward before McMurphy, and discovers that he and McMurphy are now heroes to the other men. Colonel Matterson: The oldest patient in the ward, he suffers from severe senile dementia and cannot move without a wheelchair. Eventually, after McMurphy nearly chokes her to death in a fit of rage, Nurse Ratched has him lobotomized. Anthony, Idaho Freemont High School and the teacher who assigned the novel was fired. The goose who flies over the cuckoo's nest is McMurphy, the chief bull goose loony; the one he plucks out is the Chief, who escapes at the end of the novel, following McMurphy's teaching. Similarly, Foucault argued that invisible forms of discipline oppressed individuals on a broad societal scale, encouraging them to censor aspects of themselves and their actions. Billy Bibbit falls in love with her on the fishing trip. Big Nurse Ratched: A middle-aged woman who runs the ward that Randle is admitted to. In the psychiatric ward he instantly becomes the symbol of personal freedom.

Harding's beautiful yet malcontent wife is a source of shame for him.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (novel)