An analysis of the character of ophelia in hamlet

To Hamlet, she is a sexual object, a corrupt and deceitful lover.

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From this quote and many others, we are able to gather that Ophelia is a beautiful, young, and loyal maiden in whom Hamlet seeks to please Ophelia is one of the very few female characters in the play and Ophelia and Queen Gertrude are both used to be contrasted.

The analysis of alternate perspectives of Hamlet can provide insight into possible hidden motivations and underlying plot elements invisible in the original text.

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In the end, it kills her. Of course, if she were to marry, she'd then have to live by her husband's rules.

Hamlet character analysis

At first glance Ophelia seems like a simple character. But even in her insanity she symbolizes, to everyone but Hamlet, incorruption and virtue. And it's too much for Ophelia. Hamlet is not in the room but it seems obvious from the following lines that he has overheard Polonius trying to use his daughter's charms to suit his underhanded purposes. Her father, Polonius, and brother, Laertes, love Ophelia tremendously, and have taken great pains to shelter her. So, women: natural, sexy … and dead. He keeps going, too. While initially reading the story, Ophelia represents a character that is typical of the women in the s, one who is too submissive and directed by the people around her. It seems that there isn't much place for women in the royal court. When her father orders her to quit seeing Hamlet, she agrees —"I shall obey my Lord" 1.

One of William Shakespeare's most famous plays is, Hamlet Of all the characters in the play Hamlet, the one I liked the most is Ophelia.

And the picture of her death, if our eyes grow dim in watching it, is still purely beautiful".

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Ophelia Character Analysis (Hamlet)