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Vostrikov and Polenin shoulder the weight of that possibility. They should wear protective radiation suits, but alas, the captains are told, "The warehouse was out. Bligh type who tells Polenin that "even my own father inspired fear more than he tolerated," and believes the crew is soft and undisciplined.

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Initially ordering the emergency fire suppression system to be activated which would suffocate anyone inside that areaVostrikov is talked down by Polenin, who personally assists the fire crew. They had no choice and just had to man up and do it.

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The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. Whatever sympathy earned for their situation is suddenly lost as you realize that these people are agents of a totalitarian government who were preparing for the destruction of America. Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective. And here, the teacher is Hollywood. The opening title for tells us the film was "Inspired by actual events. There isn't even a token role for an American character, and the movie treats the Soviets not as enemies but as the characters we are expected to identify with; the same approach allowed us to care about the German U-boat crew in "Das Boot. Despite this flaw, the film is saved by a number of redeeming features. As they do their jobs without any protective gear, they leave the exposed area in a sick and horrible state. All seven men who went into the reactor chamber to effect repairs died of radiation poisoning days after returning home, and twenty other crew members later died from radiation sickness. For all the failings of the human conflict, the drama of the event itself still comes through with affecting power, even though it plays more as a pathetic tale of a crew almost destroyed by blundering leadership than a grimly heroic tale of cold warriors surviving by fortitude and determination. Vostrikov's decision to dive down was really a move to avoid injuring other factions on the surface, in the event that there is a nuclear blast. One of the subs was K And in its haste, the powers-that-be prematurely order the nuclear submarine K out of dry-dock to launch a test missile.

Vostrikov refuses to surface and look for help and orders that the sub go further down, which prompts the two officers to apprehend Vostrikov and subdue him by handcuffing him to a rail to install Polenin back to captain. On its maiden voyage, the K had problems with its nuclear missiles and it is up to the crew to stop the missiles from exploding.

But its telling is in the tone of the teacher. K could surface and put its men in lifeboats, but for Vostrikov the thought of the United States capturing the new technology is unthinkable.

Another's head is lacerated and he is knocked unconscious. Later, the makeshift solution breaks, and the new guy Radtchenko, who earlier chickened out of the repair mission, goes in alone to fix the problem.

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