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This speech was announced in after 12 years. She used her personal experiences to relate to others, and connected emotionally with her audience. A second aspect I noticed from the film is the environment that the babys grow up in shapes how they interact with the world.

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But, in Battle Creek, Michigan where Sojourner Truth spent her last years, and everywhere else, she is known for her powerful speeches that traveled the nation advocating for the fair treatment of freed slaves. In many ways nothing has changed since she gave her speech, and this is why its content remains very relevant today. Mother Mary was a woman and she created the most influential man in history without a man. She uses facts and logic to persuade, and by deduction, she Illustrates that women are not inferior to men. Sojourner Truth made an instant speech, commonly referred to as "I am not a woman" at the women's conference in Is it defined by the genitalia she is born with. Sojourner Truth: My woman's "truth of the traveler" at the women's conference in is not a speech, "She is not a woman," she said about unfair treatment of women and colored people in the frightening times of America talked. I recommend that graduating students should take a year off to work or travel because they can become more mature, become more focused, and prepare for college. There are numerous categories that can define the concepts of being a man, but the one we understand today that represents being a man is to be masculine. This is a good time for students to take a break, or find a job that can help their tuition. Although it was a short speech, it was packed with enough appeals, facts, and thoughts to leave the audience to dwell upon for decades to come.

Her love and appreciation for all the hard work she puts on her body are seen by other people as something wild and inappropriate. This appealed to the parents who made up most of the audience. She speaks as if the world could not harm her. But, in Battle Creek, Michigan where Sojourner Truth spent her last years, and everywhere else, she is known for her powerful speeches that traveled the nation advocating for the fair treatment of freed slaves.

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Truth quickly addresses this clause with: "Then that little man in black there, he says women can't have as much rights as men—" Although, Truth rapidly decimates the man's point when he says "—'cause Christ wasn't a woman.

In the same way the Queen told her armies that her gender did not make her weaker than they - just the opposite - Sojourner Truth is also stating that her gender does not mean that she is any less strong, or productive and capable at work, and she should therefore be treated equally.

Being masculine means that the male should be stoic and less emotional than women. Or females who are attracted to other females. For the effective use of pathos, she tells the audience that she gave earth to thirteen children and could on watch as each of them get sold off Into slavery.

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Furthermore, she utilizes parallelism by explaining that men believe women should have the best treatment and be treated like queens. Many of these individuals are well known while others are not spoken of as much. Personally, it is easier to say "yes" to other people than "no". She equalizes man and women's rights by divinely stating women have the same power as men—even in the heavens. Adding anaphora and juxtaposition further helps the truth build her tone. She can plough, she is strong, she can cut faster and carry just as much as a man can. Although neither of them would live to see their goals fully realized, these speeches played an immense role in changing public opinion and they continue to inspire marginalized societies No woman was just to be a housewife or slave to her own family, but to be able to enjoy the world as man did. I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! Grimke was born a Southern, upper class white woman.

She had gone through abuse, neglect, grief, and she believed it was time to speak up. However, by referencing Mary as Jesus' mother, Sojourner Truth reminds everyone that the most important job in the world was given by God to a woman.

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Rhetorical Analysis “and Ain’t I a Woman” Essay