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In recent years, some cities and states have decided to experiment with reducing or eliminating cash bail. Five of the prisoners filed a habeas corpus petition arguing that they should not be held indefinitely without trial or bail.

Police bail may be subject to conditions for the following purposes: to secure that the person surrenders to custody, to secure that the person does not commit an offence while on bail, to secure that the person does not interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice, whether in relation to himself or any other person, or for the person's own protection or, if the person is under the age of 18, for the person's own welfare or in the person's own interests.

While the effectiveness of cash bail is now under debate, it has long been a part of the U. In an August 16,article for the New York Times Magazine on cash bail in New York City jails, journalist Nick Pinto wrote : Across the criminal-justice system, bail acts as a tool of compulsion, forcing people who would not otherwise plead guilty to do so.

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If they are parents, like one of the subjects of a Times Magazine article this month about the pitfalls of cash bail, they may lose their children while they are behind bars and be consumed with worry about who is taking care of them.

One such instance came in State Of Rajasthan, Jaipur v. Bail bondsmen are almost exclusively found in the United States, as in most other countries bail is usually more modest, and the practice of bounty hunting is illegal. For large bail amounts, bondsmen can generally obtain security against the assets of the defendant or persons willing to assist the defendant.

The bench of Krishnaiyer, V.

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