Banning recess cause and effect

no recess in schools

Instead, either lengthen the school year or think about cutting back on the teaching load. In recent years, more parents have begun fighting a trend of reduced recess time and are calling on schools to give children a chance to play.

Abolishing free time during the school day, observers say, began with pressure from international competition. Last year, Rhode Island enacted a similar law requiring 20 minutes of consecutive recess for elementary-school kids.

why recess should be banned

But talk is all they seem to do. A study found that 8- and 9-year-old children who had at least one daily recess period of more than 15 minutes had better classroom behavior.

I did it both as a way of punishing for bad behavior or as a way to carve out a few extra minutes of learning time in an otherwise packed day. Recess: Necessity or Nicety?

3 reasons why recess should be longer
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