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If you have ever seen the slides prepared by a core professional, you will notice that it carries more visuals pictures than words. They can make or break a sale within a certain period of time.

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By: Nicole Fallon, Contributor Share Your business plan, and your presentation, should be error-free, credible and clear. Giving Unrealistic Assumptions In truth, you would never know if the business will succeed because you are only in the proposal phase. Strong Conclusions Be creative and try to appeal to as many senses as possible.

To some, delivering a presentation at work can feel more like a dreaded medical procedure than a chance to connect with and enlighten other professionals.

Effective business plan presentation

Consider all the objections the audience might have or questions they may raise about your points and information. Rather, see it as a reminder that your audience is human, and take the chance to connect with them. More from Entrepreneur. Fourth, the session leader designates who will answer the question. This part of your presentation is one of the most important, as it reveals to the potential funder what they stand to gain from investing in the business and how soon they will start getting returns on their investment. First, you have to ask who the audience is. It's important to understand those requirements and address each one within your business plan. Consider any cultural or emotional issues that may be in the way of comprehension.

Remember, people invest in other people. Do you have a case study or comparable experience with similar companies?

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Business Plan Presentation Tips