Chateaux french

abandoned french chateau

Privately owned - in the same family for over 5 centuries. Surrounded by wooded parkland, the chateau boasts six large and lovely bedrooms.

Open February to November. Here is a small selection of some of the most historic and attractive. This is a legal document and after ten days will be binding on both parties. This compares favourably with other prestige markets with regards to 'on-market' times.

chateau de chambord

Essentially 16th century. An interpreter may be of use at this point if your French is not very good and many Notaires will suggest or insist that an interpreter is with you.

Beaune and the vineyards lie temptingly close. Rebuilt in the 18th century to charming proportions, the house is surrounded by 80 hectares of land, half of them glistening with vines. Stone pillars and tall iron gates mark the entrance from the road, a tree-lined avenue set in five hectares of garden and parkland leads to the front door.

french chateau house

Almost every department has its share of imposing tower-topped chateaux dominating the landscape, if no longer the people. Corner rooms on two floors have little boudoirs off the main room in the turret.

An earlier castle on this craggy lookout held back the Saracens in the 8th century, but today the setting is blissfully peaceful, the only interruption coming from the bees buzzing in the acacias.

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