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The average vocabulary of a 2 year old is about words, but it can be adequately be determined by the IQ scores of the parents; however, the language acquisition can increase if the child is read to by their parents daily. What we need to recognise is what classroom management is and how much does student behavior factor? At the end of this chapter, I will explain the methods of the data analysis. One of the first things that I will convey to my students is my philosophy on classroom management. First and foremost the focus must be on the content of the material to be taught. Every student in the class speaks English and there are two children with disabilities. Memory refers to the processes that are used to acquire, store, retain, and later retrieve information. Divide the square quadrants. Behavior, character, independence, attitudes, and academics are all learned in a classroom. Both classes are giving at Kinser elementary School , Both classroom actually work together in a group Reading Buddies.

There needs to be repetitive tasks that are geared towards building cognitive strategies, such as sight words. Of course, there are different needs depending on if you teach kindergartners or high school auto shop students, and every teacher has his or her own individual style.

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It will enable you to show different signs of improvement by increasing the hold on different subjects. This also applies to student learning.

What teacher behaviors did you observe that facilitated student comprehension and reasoning? The first scenario is based on data given on transition time. When the goal between the student and the teacher has met a new goal is created.

Having cameras in a classroom are beneficial for students, teachers, parents, and schools because they hold teachers accountable, help students improve their behavior, and evaluate teacher and student interactions.

Wong also describes that classroom managements is something that refers to all of the necessary things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that learning can occur efficiently.

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Try several different methods for lesson planning, behavior management and classroom communication before deciding what works best for you and your students. The preparation of students for the competitions helps them to identify different factors important for winning, which allows them to prepare accordingly.

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Minimizing weaknesses —The characteristics of weakness put the business at disadvantages. How does the theory of information processing apply to student learning?

Also, you can identify threats in order to move towards the way of success.

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