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Transformation After Absalom is convicted, Stephen is heartbroken for his son, and for his family but he gains reassurance from fellow religious figures in Johannesburg, most of them white.

Test your understanding of each lesson with a short quiz. Stephen therefore has no idea of the crime in the larger cities or the racial issues that were escalating around him.

But Absalom soon disappears from his job, and then he commits a burglary with two of his friends, in the course of which Absalom murders Arthur Jarvis.

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After a long illness, she dies once she and her husband return from Johannesburg after the trial of Absalom Kumalo, prompting James Jarvis to move to Johannesburg to live with his family. Inside, you'll find short lessons and quizzes that can help you with your homework and improve your knowledge of the novel's most important characters. He is known as a man with a warm heart, and he is also fearless, wanting nothing for himself. Unlike his brother, John Kumalo has forsaken the church and now lives a largely immoral life, having divorced his wife and taken up with a mistress. He is a silent man, not given to many words. The Little Boy The unnamed son of Gertrude Kumalo, he returns to Ixopo with Stephen Kumalo when his mother decides to leave her family to join a convent. He tells Kumalo and Msimangu that Absalom was staying with Mrs. He sends milk for the small children and arranges for a dam to be built to irrigate the valley.

Letsitsi is a black man of about twenty-five who is sent to Ndotsheni to teach the people how to farm. Carmichael Mr. She admires and respects Stephen. She is a good and generous Christian who believes that helping others is simply her duty. Although a conservative man, James Jarvis eventually devotes himself wholeheartedly to social progress, donating ten thousand dollars to start the Arthur Jarvis Club, donating milk from his estate to help starting children during the drought and arranging for a dam to be built in Ixopo to prevent further droughts.

He sends milk for the small children and arranges for a dam to be built to irrigate the valley.

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Johannesburg acts as an evil entity devouring parts of his family.

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