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Willy is also a familiar American Philistine and even a universal type. This thing that I write about is the American system.

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Reality and Illusion in Death of a Salesman - Reality and Illusion in Death of a Salesman In Arthur Miller's play, Death of a Salesman, the major theme as well as the main source of conflict is Willy's inability to distinguish between reality and illusion.

One example why this is an illusion is when Linda, the wife of Willy, says to Charley and Biff during the funeral of Willy Why didn t anybody come?

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These feelings are caused by his inability to face the realities of modern society. My father, Willy Loman, I believe shared this same passion, however, he suppressed his dreams as it did not fit in with is predetermined mould for a beloved salesman In Arthur Miller's moving and powerful play, "Death of a Salesman", Miller uses many character to contrast the difference between success and failure within the system Some may be minor such as having to cope with a disobedient teenager or an irritable child.

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He is weary and tired of life on the road. Miller is known for being a true activist, supporting and participating in many liberal issues, including the civil rights struggle and the protest against the Vietnam War. He wants the best for Biff and Happy and hopes that their lives will be better than his. Willy led an illusive and deceptive life that was filled with tension and anxiety. Happy was the less-favoured son of the two. Believing Biff is destined for greatness is just another illusion in the story. Willy Loman 's and Jay Gatsby 's dreams are crushed because of their tremendous desire to be meaningful and significant. The American Dream was sought through hard work and determination. In actuality the success of both falls very far from the ideal American Dream of their time Willy tries to become a very successful businessman, at the start of his career he thinks that no one can tell him what to. Recent figures in literature have set a clear definition for tragedy.

Willy Loman is a complex character who confuses illusion with reality. Miller and Albee both depict a the struggles of man in relationships. However, with the wrong dream, even a fulfilling life is not a happy one.

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Death of a Salesman Illusion vs Reality