Dissertations on student achievement

Items in the research hypotheses. Ohuche, R. Akinsola, M. These data were used to explore the effect absenteeism has on student academic performance.

A study of attendance and its effects on academic achievement in Alliance Public Schools Edward J Foy, University of Nebraska - Lincoln Abstract The purpose of this study was to explore the high number of absentees in Alliance High School and the impact of absenteeism on students' academic achievement.

teacher attitude and student achievement

New technologies for teaching dissertations on supplemental education services and student achievement and learning: Challenges for higher learning institutions in developing countries A.

Data Analysis and Results Instrumentation Data collected on the study were analysed using inferential statistics which includes; student t-test and A modified instrument tagged Motivation for analysis of variance ANOVA.

teacher behavior and student achievement

Mathematics in the Primary School. The parents as well as the government Callaham, W.

how teachers affect students performance

This has been the question by many that activity and invest time and effort to achieve them. Oshibodu, B. It is that which occurs on achievement motivation using students while a person is performing an activity in which he revealed that there is an agreement between academic takes delight and satisfaction in doing.

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"A study of attendance and its effects on academic achievement in Allia" by Edward J Foy