Early american literature puritans vs native

Augustine, Florida, to the California coast.

characteristics of native american literature

Quakers, Anglicans, and Catholics also settled the coast of North America, while a string of Spanish missions stretched from St.

For one of the best and broadest comparative accounts of early colonial empires, see Elliott The study of Puritanism today, therefore, is either explicitly or implicitly interconnected and comparative. In addition to the way Puritan scholars have aligned their work with broader interests in science, economics, emotions, and religion, they have also taken up the study of how early American history and literature have been remembered and deployed by later generations.

what are key themes of american indian literature from this era

To understand modern literature one has to look back at the beginning of American literature. Scholars realized that the only way to understand these multifarious moods and practices was to move past the printed sermons and treatises of ministers and magistrates.

Then in the s Sacvan Bercovitch ; turned to the Puritans to explain American political rhetoric from the seventeenth century to the present day. The European explorers brought their writing system with them to the New World.

This special issue presents five articles showcasing these elements of new work on the Puritans.

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Native American vs. Puritan Literature by Sarah Buachie on Prezi