Essay about obamacare

One of the main issues that have faced the law was the fact that most of the people opined that the enactment of the law would eventually lead to the increase in the number of abortions that are procured in the United States Feldstein, The Obama Care issue has led to a great political tussle between the Republicans and Democrats.

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Obamacare sought to expand Medicaid to cover those who earn too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid, but not enough to afford employer-provided health care. With a majority in both Houses of Congress, the Republicans look to overturn Obamacare as their first priority.

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Obamacare expands Medicaid for those who cannot afford health insurance; the expansion will supply more than 17 million more Americans with health insurance than before the bill.

It means that they can sign up for a new plan without having to wait for open enrollment at the end of the year. Four federal courts as a matter of fact have struck down Obamacare based in part on constitutional rights. ObamaCare has not really affected Americans in any form because most American stayed with the health provider they already had To this day, the health care plan has remained widely criticized and controversial The people do not have the requisite choice that makes a nation democratic.

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Then you take trips to the hospitals that lead to big,expensive bills that could make you lose tons of money putting you on the verge of being in debt or going bankrupt. It takes from all kinds of people who need what they have and turns around and gives it all to people who don't need it. Why not? The other provision in the law that will benefit most of the people is the fact that the plan eliminated the lifetime caps. Another area of concern due to the new law is that the relationship between the doctors and the patient will be compromised. One office visit does not seem like too big of an expense, but multiple patients failing to pay for the care they receive adds up. Adults who previously could not get coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and who had had no insurance for 6 months or more would now get insurance. On the contrary, the Obamacare seeks to include the old people in all the medical attention in the same manner as the young people Pipes, S law aimed at reforming the American health care system, basically it is an act for those who cannot afford health care insurance.

In short, the new plan will provide insurance cover to the women while lowering the health care costs that they incur. The quantity of the penalty is less than the cost of insurance; so many businesses opt out of providing insurance plans.

Essay about obamacare

It does not say anywhere in the piece of legislation that it is guaranteed that the health care will be one of an affordable nature.

In as much as the law has been the target of various opinions from the states government and small business groups, the act has had significant impact on the healthcare sector in the United States.

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