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Thus these challenges faced by India need to be addressed if the country wants to realize its pipe dream of attaining double digit growth and generating large number of employment opportunities for its growing population in the days to come.

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As per estimates made in , engineering consultancy services comprised around 7, individuals and 25, firms. The number of retail establishments in the country is estimated to be over , So, when they decide not to renew, it affects your SaaS business. What are the operating objectives of the business. Moreover, at state level, 17 SWCs were operating a network of 1, warehouses with its aggregate storage capacity of Moreover, FDI up to per cent under the automatic route is allowed in townships, housing, built-up infrastructure and construction of development projects which broadly include housing, commercial premises, educational institutions and recreational facilities. However, the growth in services sector will definitely support growth process in agriculture and industrial sector in reasonable proportion and thereby assist the economy in generating employment and raising overall productivity.

Due to the Taxi Service industry resembling an oligopoly, with monopolistic qualities, there are many implications on the welfare of this market structure.

In respect of legal services, India has been maintaining its own strength.

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The worst case happens especially in the service industry, such as the call centre, where there is a high level of control and job demands among employees Castanheira and Chambel However, cultural activities are becoming increasing by important in the modern post industrial knowledge based economy.

In India, the major part of tourism, both national and international, can be classified as cultural tourism because it is geared to achcheological sites, monuments, museums, and cultural heritage including traditional fairs and festivals. On the other hand revenue management in any business not only in the hospitality industry is important.

Attacks in Iraq add to the skepticism.

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But the growth of the film industry is inhibited by factors like high rate of entertainment of tax, and lades of uniformity in tax structure across states. Within this industry, there are so many options to choose from including the culinary arts, hotel management and housekeeping, event planning, and travel agent and the main goal of those who work within these fields is to ensure you feel comfortable while you are traveling or staying close to home. This paper is going to look at service quality and purchasing in relation to how it affects an organization. Thus India is moving towards a services-led export growth in recent years. It has been estimated that nearly to per cent of these people are employed in the infrastructure segment and the remaining 30 per cent are employed in the real estate segment. In a modern post industrial knowledge based economy, cultural activities are becoming increasingly important. Throughout the world they have been recognized as an important component of growth and job creation as well as a vehicle of cultural identity. Among several costing systems out there today, we find Process Costing. There are time constraints on lunch breaks for the working individual. It takes a lot resources to acquire new buyers. Where lean manufacturing, low price, and cost cutting logic was once a primary approach of operation managers, these same firms have determined that by utilizing a Service Dominated Logic approach or SDL , they are gaining competitive advantages that prove to have a longer lasting effect on the consumer, and maintaining a lifetime loyalty from these customers

The share of India in international tourist arrivals was just 0. In urban India the shares of employment in services in most of the states varied like in Assam, in Meghalaya, in Bihar, in Jharkhand, in Kerala, in Maharashtra, in Rajasthan, in Uttar Pradesh, in Gujarat, in Tamil Nadu and in West Bengal out of employed people.

This interaction is referred to as service encounter. Accordingly, under the patronage of Ministry of culture, a network of 41 organizations is functioning for protection, development and promotion of both tangible and intangible heritage and knowledge heritage.

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Of this, ships with a capacity of 9. Products are tangible and discernible items that an organization produces, including digital files or outputs, something that is physical. This can be in products or services. Many even offer tuition reimbursement for various relevant educational programs. The growing opportunities in this sector has been generating employment to many across the nation and are also attracting FDIs for attaining success in future. The CAGR of the services sector attained at Traditional Society -1st stage; primary jobs Precondition for takeoff -2nd stage; elite group leads country to invest in technology, etc. In recent years, services sector experienced a rapid shift in its favour in generating both income and employment. There is positive correlation between culture and employment which is growing year after year. Thus it is found that significant opportunities still remain relatively untapped and for attaining faster, sustainable, and more inclusive growth, as envisaged by the Twelfth Five Year Plan, the tourism sector holds a lot of promise and prospect. However, while agriculture continues to be the primary employment providing sector, the services sector including construction is in the second place. Every small act on his or her part ups the odds for repeat business, add-on business and priceless word-of-month referral.

However, there are huge potential for accounting services in India. However, the tourism sector is facing certain challenges. Tie-ups to overcome the weakness of small size of domestic accountancy firms could also help accountancy sector of India to grow manifold.

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