Format of writing a report in cbse

Also Read: How to introduce yourself and others in English? One needs to focus on few important points regarding writing a report. What are related steps have been taken to solve this problem? It should be free from technical words and jargons.

report writing cbse class 12 examples

Why this problem is happening and how can you solve this problem. Conclusion: readers focus on title, purpose, introduction and conclusion of the report. Write a report in about words on the regional dance competition that you have witnessed.

Thecolourful dresses, the rhythmic and well choreographed moves transported the audience to the times when folk dance and music were cherished and the young and the old participated with great enthusiasm. A calendar of curricular activities was chalked out. And there is no specific set format for report writing.

Report writing for class 12 wbchse

You need to tell what exact problem you are trying to present. Why this problem is happening and how can you solve this problem. A report meant for school magazine usually is a brief account of an activity or function held in a school. Also Read: How to improve reading comprehension skills? You have come to an accident site to cover the news of a car accident in which three members of a family were killed. The children felt proud to be rooted in the unique cultural heritage of the country. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. One needs to conclude all the points of the report in a smarter way. Suppose you are a press reporter.

Here I am going to give a format for writing a report to the cbse students. Purpose of writing report should be clear and to the point.

english report writing examples

A Golden Jubilee issue of the school magazine was also brought out.

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Report writing format for CBSE Students