Good opening lines for business presentations

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By highlighting a question at the beginning of a speech, you are actually establishing the scene for the rest of your messaging. Even marketers and sales people can benefit from this approach with slides they use to further buttress their messaging.

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You're worth listening to because there will be no bull, and it probably won't take too long either. Question A question-based opening sentence would yield the best results from an inquisitive presentation audience, or even an audience who may not know that they want to have the answer to the question you first line would propose.

what to say to start a presentation

You may also have some time for questions. Point To Their Problem If you are pitching for business, this is a great strategy.

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We have to remember that … Sample sentence: We have to remember that people are our most important resource. This way, you're instantly involving your audience in the message and making it much more compelling for them. To put it simply, … Use this phrase to simplify points that are complex or difficult to understand. It shows both sincerity and appreciation and additionally establishes the sense of community with your audience. They've instantly filed you in the uninterested section of their brain, and their thoughts quickly switch to what's for dinner that night. Probably not. This technique can be useful in starting off a presentation. Sample sentence: What I mean to say is that we need to change the way we market our products. Hi everyone. For more information about opening your presentations, click on the resources below. Many great presenters use this technique and it remains one of the most critical pieces to becoming an effective presenter. Promise An opening sentence that makes a promise to the audience is characterized by the use of an experience or moment, or a bold statement or statistic. Was it crisp and ready for unwrapping? Before you begin your presentation, start by greeting your audience, welcoming them to the event and introducing yourself.

If there is time for questions, invite your audience to ask any questions they have.

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Excellent Ways To Start A Presentation