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Are these weaknesses of character? But it does warrant caution. Up to this point, I had not written anything besides a few chapters of other stories that I never got very far on, and nothing at all since the birth of my first son, six years earlier. This story is part of our Zeitgeist.

The sooner readers care about and empathize with the protagonist, the better.

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They are the constructors of the St. The world and characters are interesting Is Twilight's world novel?

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They read it for the emotive punch it gives them. But stories don't always have to be. There is an emotional part, similar to what Edward Cullen in Twilight saga felt before turning Bella into a vampire.

The only rejection that really hurt was from a small agent who actually read the first chapter before she dropped the axe on me. King is very particular in describing the theological themes cleverly used in the story.

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In spite of their obvious differences, their friendship blossoms. And bashing on Twilight is part of the literary Zeitgeist. Characters who succeed through their virtues or fail through their vices affirm the truth of reality. Then I went back to the beginning and wrote until the pieces matched up. More important than the role of the protagonist is the journey of the reader. The second book runs around in circles. Images like these of the Hoh Rainforest a short drive from Forks.

Because my copy was from the library, I restrained myself.

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