How to write a sidebar article

People want to see the person behind the blog!

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A little intro to you and your blog. Right there. As with most writing techniques, however, overuse is rarely a good idea.

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Editors LOVE sidebars because they can make featured articles more interesting, more detailed, and more helpful to readers. The word sidebar is also used to describe any "call out" or supplemental information in a business report, briefing or blog post. This does not mean that a sidebar is "just filler. But lesser folk can be of great interest to them. Writing a series requires great chunks of time from both writers and editors. It is simply a shorter piece or text that accompanies a longer article in a publication such as a magazine or newspaper, often graphically separate but related to the main idea. Blog sidebars are used for several purposes. Don't forget to download your free template!

Rethink having ads on your blog. A sidebar is nothing more than a separate companion piece to a main article in a magazine or newspaper.

Give Your Best Content a Longer Shelf Life Use your sidebar to give your best content a longer shelf life by offering feeds to your most popular posts or posts that have received the most comments.

how to write a sidebar article

When a series is specifically a feature series, it, like general features, is usually told in terms of people, rather than numbers and statistics. Overall, use extreme simplicity of presentation.

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How to Design a Good Blog Sidebar