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Everything from work to family to beliefs to interests is not what you might expect from your own experience.

i love to travel and experience new cultures

Stepping away from the workplace is good for you both mentally and physically. Seeing the world is more educational than a high school or college class.

That travel could be grandparents, parents and children together on a Caribbean cruise. Traveling can do that to you.

I love travelling and exploring

After that trip, I knew that I had a new addiction. Next destination? Couples, too, need to bond with each other away from home and work demands. There are many ways to explore new things, but traveling is the most satisfactory as it is the most comprehensive way as it encompasses many elements from views to people to foods etc. The reasons why people love to travel are varied, and very personal. Traveling has a way of expanding your comfort zone. Every minute. I'm a firm believer that challenge leads to curiosity, maturity and growth. Even the experiences that are frustrating or difficult at the time, end up being some of the most memorable, and some of the most hilarious stories to share and reminisce about. This condensed crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover subjects like history, geography and sociology. Depending on where you go, it will remind you to be grateful for what you have. Travel inspires me to learn more, think more and to better serve our world community. Which of these reasons why people love to travel resonates most with you?

Was I nervous about flying? I feel the most 'alive' when I am exploring.

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I just like to walk around in beautiful places that resemble the shire from Lord of the Rings while exploring new culinary terrains. I was going to try and travel as much as I could. Ultimately, I love travelling because it helped me to appreciate my life. Reading about it and seeing it in person are two different things. Learning is a strong reason why people travel. One person might want to trek through a rainforest. This is the pure sense of adventure and I love the fact that every day is exactly like that. Or it could be parents and children going across the country to visit Grandma and Grandpa at their home. Having future trips already planned brings me joy and gives me something to look forward to. They want to experience something unfamiliar and leave with new skills or knowledge. Traveling helps make sure I don't forget that. I had the chance to meet some people that felt almost the same way about traveling as I did. It was also our 1st big family trip. Traveling can do that to you. Traveling a few times per year allows me to get away for a few days.

Traveling allows you to drink with Hemingway, walk the path of Jesus, and gush over Joni Mitchell. Getting in touch with yourself Getting away from home gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life.

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Travel has the power to let you not only escape but also heal. There's something so magical about getting the chance to live in each new place, surrounded by a new culture of sights, food and people.

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