Nucor case study questions

We are succeeding by working together. Steel manufacturing is an old business, but is currently facing the fast changes associated with new technologies, the rise of globalization, and changes in cost and efficiency.

By using the PEST model, the variables of politics, economy, society and technology can be better understood.

nucor case study 2016

Though some of these resources and capabilities were not very costly to imitate other companies could not imitate them as they did not possess the complementary organization capabilities that Nucor possessed that have been outlined in an earlier section.

The resource-based view RBV is an economic tool used to determine the strategic resources available to a firm.

nucor corporation in 2016 case analysis

The new mini-mill technology that Nucor commercialized and pioneered to a certain extent and the unique business model that it created around it, was also a critical resource for the 1 This note was prepared by Shankar Naskar.

Also their approach to the compensations is very unique and makes you feel more rewarded for the job you have done.

Nucor case study questions

Cheap imports of steel was reducing their captive market in the US 2. Chao, H. Registration of manufacturing process rather than products is more useful. High energy costs in mining and processing iron ore 5. Its decision to develop minimills with the latest technology and processes and locate them in rural markets where the labor force would not be so expensive and persuade buyers to co-locate near their facilities provided the company with a source of competitive advantage. One mill concentrated on the larger bar products which had separate production and customer demands while the other mill concentrated on smaller diameter bar stock. Victor: I think yes, because it looks that what they want is said straight, everything is clear , there are jobs that are need to be done but at the same time I know what I will receive for my work, what benefits that I deserve, plus the friendly environment. Nucor b. Nucor had alliances with selected construction companies around the country who were aware of the work that Nucor wanted.

Nucor possessed a strong and unique understanding and knowledge of mini-mill technology and joist manufacturing processes.

P16 No executive dining rooms or restrooms, no fishing lodges, company cars or reserved parking 8. P11 6. They can still retrieve their dividends through retained profit earnings from past years. Plants were operating with outdated technology 8.

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Nucor Case Analysis