Opinion on socialism as the remedy for capitalism expressed in the jungle by upton sinclair

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Sinclair's father became a traveling liquor salesman and alcoholic. Take on the role of a muckraker and write an editorial that details the injustices to workers and what Congress should do about them.

Sinclair's descriptions of conditions in the meat-packing industry are particularly shocking.

Capitalism in the jungle

No one paid any attention to him, and he pushed in, and in a corner he saw the man he sought. In short, The Jungle was printed by Doubleday in not in a censored form but just as Sinclair wished--indeed, from plates he himself had prepared. Memphis: Peachtree, He pared down the text and had"the plates made and paid for" himself. The See Sharp edition, however, is extraordinary for its fanfare. Sinclair self-published the novel four times , , , It was like encountering an inhabitant of the fourth dimension of space, a being who was free from all one's own limitations. I didn't know. Sinclair was satisfied that Doubleday would not pressure him to make changes he could not accept. The pace they set here, it was one that called for every faculty of a man, from the instant the first steer fell to the sounding of the noon whistle. The president then appointed a special commission to investigate Chicago's slaughterhouses. He came to believe in the idea of a peaceful revolution in which Americans would vote for the government to take over the ownership of big businesses. Given Sinclair's socialist leanings, Roosevelt was suspicious of the veracity of his research. But now he would go out, and the thing would fade away, and he would never be able to find it again! I had been offering the manuscript of the book to publishers in New York—I think to five—without result.

Upton Sinclair, a largely unknown fiction writer, became an "accidental muckraker" when he wrote a novel about the meat-packing industry.

Instead of a land of acceptance and opportunity, they find a place of prejudice and exploitation; instead of a country where hard work and morality lead to success, they find a place where only moral corruption, crime, and graft enable one to succeed materially.

The Jungle was first published in serial form between February 25,and November 4,in The Appeal to Reason, a socialist newspaper with a nationwide readership edited by Fred Warren and published by J. It had started its first newspaper in Japan, and elected its first deputy in Argentina; in France it named members of cabinets, and in Italy and Australia it held the balance of power and turned out ministries.

He specialized in western, adventure, sports, and war-hero fiction for working-class readers.

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Opinion on Socialism as the Remedy for Capitalism Expressed in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair