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Many students are willing and excited to help, but researchers need to make it as streamlined as possible for students to participate. Please print a copy of this informed consent form for your records. The below description will tell you about the study to help you decide if you want to participate. You are eligible to participate if you are employed full time as a school counselor in Guilford County schools, have at least 2 years of experience working as a school counselor, and speak only 1 language fluently. The purpose of this study is to address the professional development needs of school counselors working with English Language Learners ELLs. All information obtained in this study is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law. There are no foreseeable risks associated with the survey, only those associated with feelings that may arise from survey questions. Inclusion of other people's copyrighted material Including material produced by other authors in your dissertation or thesis can serve a legitimate research purpose, but you want to avoid copyright infringement in the process. There will be no penalty or unfair treatment should you choose not to be in this study. Experience counts. You must receive permission from the author s and include it with your submission before we can publish it in your dissertation or thesis.

I enthusiastically wrote an email and survey soliciting study participants, triumphantly clicked send, and sat back and waited for the volunteers to roll in. Start recruiting for your project as early as you possibly can, to give yourself and your participants time to think through the project.

Find intuitive, user-focused software for surveys. My directions were too complicated, and mired in dense IRB language. In addition, you may have positive feelings related to the knowledge that you are contributing to research that may help school counselors working with English Language Learners.

Questions regarding the research itself will be answered by Maria Paredes by calling Students may decide to sign up days or even weeks after first solicited, once they have gotten used to the idea. Experience counts. We have live chat with your writer You can write messages to your custom dissertation writer.

Also, information gained from this research will assist school counselor training programs in better preparing school counselors to work with ELLs.

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We have mobile version of ukdissertations. Solicit Support My recruitment campaign got a huge shot in the arm when I was able to team up with instructors who were enthusiastic and willing to help. Ask instructors for their help publicizing and sharing the details of your project.

Fast forward four weeks to find me increasingly desperate in my search for research participants, discovering to my dismay and rising blood pressure that persuading students to be my guinea pigs for a semester is only slightly less challenging than persuading my cat to ride a bicycle.

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