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By that time I'd had my say about the British eighteenth century and Augustan culture.

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Sunrises and sunsets, moments of ritualised terror in the trenches as soldiers were required to "stand-to", became, in the poems, ripe with moral and religious suggestion. Drafted into the American infantry 18 months before, he had been in France just a few weeks and this was his first night in the line.

The Great War introduced those themes to Western culture, and therefore it was an immense intellectual and cultural and social shock. Those of us who join the argument from the other side have to deal as best we can with those claims. That especially in wartime, but just as passionately in politics the choices are only between the good and the bad.

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Now retired, she worked in journalism and public relations. His assumed that society would always go on in the same shape he found it in, whereas after the Great War, everybody knew -- as Pound said when he insisted that the artist must make it new -- everybody knew that a new order of things was necessary, or at least desirable.

He pointed to what he saw as the hypocrisy of governmental speech and the corruption of popular culture. Today he says the book was a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously, but he remains an unashamed elitist. Through all of this, Fussell, who loved tragedy and black comedy alike, is an engaging guide and companion.

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