Program design and evaluation narrative and timeline

Program design and evaluation narrative and timeline

Data collection quality The quality of data is determined by two main criteria, validity and reliability. Developing the PM Strategy is only the first step in the performance measurement process. Despite these refinements, a basic organizational framework for program evaluation in public health practice had not been developed. The following evaluation designs are assessed: post only measure outcomes after the program has been delivered pre-post measure change by comparing baseline levels to outcomes after the program has been delivered retrospective pre-post participants rate themselves at the end of the program on pre- and post-levels pre-post with comparison group to compare changes in participants relative to a similar group who did not receive the intervention pre-post with control group participants are randomly assigned to a control group or intervention group from the same target population Data Collection Methods at a Glance p. That is, what is the program and in what context does it exist? Understanding and applying the elements of this framework can be a driving force for planning effective public health strategies, improving existing programs, and demonstrating the results of resource investments. Consider both the time that you and your team have to collect and analyse the data, and also the amount of time your participants will have to contribute to evaluation measures. Jenkins, Ph. Note: More specific responsibilities associated with performance measurement and evaluation should be included in later sections of the PM Strategy. Neal, Ph. While each organization can use the format that best suits its audience, a standard series of components sometimes referred to as the "results-chain" should be included in order for the logic model to effectively support an evaluation. Implementing effective performance measurement, in addition to supporting ongoing program monitoring, can also support and facilitate effective evaluation. Photos and graphic images can be powerful additions. Organising your data Code your data effectively to make it easier to organize into your display. It is a practical, nonprescriptive tool, designed to summarize and organize essential elements of program evaluation.

Fraze, M. Analysing the data Start analysing the information after, or during the creation of, a first draft of the display.

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The framework described in this report provides a systematic approach for answering these questions. Jarvis, M. Fawcett, Ph.

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Session Overview What is an evaluation plan and why Improve the design and performance of your program Example: Assess program evaluation refers to the thoughtful process of focusing on questions and topics of concern, collecting appropriate information, and then analyzing and interpreting the information for a specific use and purpose.

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Bshs week 3 team program design and timeline and program evaluation by albe