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Life-style can directly affect an individual's health. People working at the beginning and the end of the shift will have crossover time with other employees, but their work hours are modified to provide coverage. Low productivity: In rotational shifts, one may get very less sleep. Acute sleep deprivation occurs during long shifts with no breaks, as well as during night shifts when the worker sleeps in the morning and is awake during the afternoon, prior to the work shift. Learn how to recognize and reduce stress through physical fitness, relaxation techniques and so on. What are some organizational approaches? In the end individual differences and preferences, play the most important role. Especially parents of young professionals feel mistreated and uncared for.

Rotation can also be forward, when a subsequent shift starts later, or backward, when a subsequent shift starts earlier. Among all workers, those who usually worked the night shift had a much higher prevalence of short sleep duration A study of Swedish men with a history of heart attack showed they were significantly more likely to have been shiftworkers than those men without a history of heart attack.

Some of the earliest instances appeared with the railroads, where freight trains have clear tracks to run on at night. This fact is very important since the amount and quality of social interaction is related to physical and mental health.

It may make the workers feel drowsier.

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Some of the top advantages and disadvantages of night shifts are, Advantages of night shifts. When a night worker is "on call" and must remain in the building, it is advantageous for this person to be well rested rather than tired and bored. To help make the environment favourable for sleeping: sleep in your bedroom and avoid using it for other activities such as watching television, eating and working; use heavy curtains, blackout blinds or eye shades to darken the bedroom; disconnect the phone or use an answer machine and turn the ringer down; ask your family not to disturb you and to keep the noise down when you are sleeping; discuss your work pattern with close neighbours and ask them to try and avoid noisy activities during your sleep time; if it is too noisy to sleep consider using earplugs, white noise or background music to mask external noises; adjust the bedroom temperature to a comfortable level, cool conditions improve sleep. Shift Schedule Design: Optimizing the design of the shift schedule is the most effective way of reducing the health and safety problems. As it is on a rotational basis, one gets varied works, unlike routine where one person handles all aspects of the work. Early morning shifts are associated with shorter sleep and greater fatigue. The safety on the streets, in terms of crime and violence, is another consideration. For example, an employee might work from 7 a. Learn how to relax using muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and so on. This does NOT include occasional or ad hoc work, eg to cover temporary events or short-term absence.

Make sure your family, friends and neighbours understand your shift work pattern, its challenges, and what they can do to help you. In one study of EMS providers, hour shifts were not associated with a higher frequency of negative safety outcomes when compared to shorter shifts.

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A nurse, for example, should know what work schedule to expect before accepting a hospital job where night work is common. These studies have involved mainly nurses and flight attendants. Avoid rostering someone to work alone at night. One might have changed the set of shifts which makes him even more sleepy and tired. There are many approaches to shift work. It is easier as one can swap shifts with coworkers too. Workers compromise and gulp down whatever is available to them. Compared with people who work straight days, shiftworkers report more interference to their family lives, especially the time available to spend with spouses and children. Frequent changes in schedule and disruption to circadian rhythms can lead to chronic fatigue and other health problems. Some evidence suggests giving employees schedules more than a month in advance would give proper notice and allow planning, their stress level would be reduced. Choose fruit as snacks, rather than chocolate or crisps. Observation and alertness is lost. Allowing frequent breaks and scheduling 8 or hour shifts instead of 12 hour shifts can also minimize fatigue and help to mitigate the negative health effects of shift work. The most common system has a rotation period of one week, with five to seven consecutive night shifts.

Much of the Internet services and telecommunication industry relies on shift work to maintain worldwide operations and uptime. If you need to complete some other work you can do it in the morning and go for an evening shift.

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Observation and alertness is lost. Being constantly tired is a typical complaint of shift workers. Many more women than men work in the health care sector, while many more men than women work in manufacturing. It is important to try and maintain your normal level of sleep and rest. In particular, education in stress recognition and reduction techniques is helpful. Some groups may be particularly affected, these are: Young workers and older workers New and expectant mothers Workers with pre-existing physical or mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or disabilities Workers taking medication e. However, heart rate and blood pressure have been shown to follow a circadian rhythm.

For example, a software development company posts on its website that customer service and technical support are available Monday through Sunday, 7 a. More incidents are reported on the 4th successive night shift than the first night shift.

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It is better to have no more than consecutive night shifts on the trot in a rotating shift pattern If not strictly necessary for business needs try to avoid early morning starts before 7am. Reduce the intake of salt, caffeine, and alcohol. If this is impossible, those working alone should have a way of communicating with colleagues to allow social contact.

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