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Haitian society was deeply fragmented by skin colour, class, and gender.

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King Louis issued the Code Noir in to regulate slavery and punishment, but it was never really followed in the colony. We did not go to fetch half a million savage slaves from off the coast of Africa to bring them to the colony as French citizens. They feared and spurned the slave majority but were generally discriminated against by the white European colonists, who were merchants, landowners, overseers, craftsmen, and the like. Transcript What is the Significance of the Haitian Revolution? They still practiced traditions and religions that they brought with them from Africa, and that influenced the revolution as well. Finally, in , Napoleon Bonaparte decided that the rebellion in Haiti—now having dragged on for a decade—needed to be put down once and for all. Finally, in August , the slaves organized. Once the French got control of Haiti [St-Domingue], what was life like in the colony? What was life like for the slaves? The gens de couleur had a pretty good life, but they still wanted the rights and privileges of their planter parents. Also in , there was a major drought in Haiti and a food shortage. Slaves endured long, backbreaking workdays and often died from injuries, infections, and tropical diseases.

Finally, in Augustthe slaves organized. It seems to have been a rather slow burning spark between and Soon, large-scale crop production would dominate the landscape, and the only people you would see working the farms were the slaves.

For months, they just went across the island burning the plantations and infrastructure. Charles Leclercwith an experienced force from Saint-Domingue that included several exiled mulatto officers.

The vast majority worked in the fields; others were household servants, boilermen at the sugar millsand even slave drivers.

So, they abolished slavery for a little while so that the former slaves would fight the British and Spanish on their behalf, however they had no intention of allowing the slaves to be free.

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The petit blancs were eager to protect their position in the color-based class system. He sent a letter to slaves all over the island introducing himself. Colored engraving of women working in a plantation garden in Saint-Domingue.

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