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Independence Day was about aliens. I had no idea then that I would do it. The film begins with the collapse of the gigantic ice clod in Antarctic. You never get the feeling that he's acting. But I think what's exciting for us is to have the opportunity to make a film that's spectacular and entertaining and at the same time has real meaning for us and for I think for everyone. He's a scientist who studied the weather patterns that occurred 10, years ago, and all of a sudden realises they are about to happen again. And other positive aspects are the camera running and the music who accompany the plot. But is the story of the film real? It's very wide. So we have a very high level of quality we want to reach. Movies listed The Day After Tomorrow as one of its top scientifically inaccurate films. German-born, Emmerich has been providing some of the biggest thrills in cinema over the past decade, from the time-travelling nonsense of Stargate to the destruction of the White House in Independence Day. Jaeger Nominated Political and scientific criticism[ edit ] Emmerich did not deny that his casting of a weak president and the resemblance of vice-president Kenneth Welsh to Dick Cheney were intended to criticize the climate change policy of the George W.

In addition, the probability of extreme weather events, floods and dryness are increases, also in the North, but especially many island states and level coast regions are threatened in her existence. In the meantime, I have to admit, I'm stunned how many scientists, in different publications in different countries, have supported - without knowing - our film.

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Bush administration. But it's not really about that. The climate change is real.

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GORDON: We have what roughly visual effects in the film, which is not really a lot of shots, but they are very complicated and include some things that haven't been done before. And what they described leading up to this ice age is exactly like our movie.

He feels like he hasn't spent enough time with him. We are indeed experimenting with the Earth in a way that hasn't been done for millions of years.

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Why ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is secretly amazing