The different reasons why you should drop by dubai

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Nightlife in Dubai offers you various excitements and that is for sure! High class cuisine to suit every taste is the name of the game here. Best Desert Safari in the World There are lots and lots of things to do in Dubai which will keep you busy during your holiday here, and this time around experience the Desert Safari which is not very common in many countries. But if you pay the first price you're given, understand you're probably paying double the value. Bahri Bar for example is a colonial-style bar and the extravagantly decorated, Glamerous Neos do attract many tourists. If you prefer a much quieter evening, then have a night-out at the sheesha lounges, like the locals always do at nights. While bargaining in the souqs is acceptable, it's not in a mall, unless it's at a carpet shop.

The Skyline is Ridiculous. They know how to put on a decent firework display Ever since the opening of the Atlantis hotel inDubai has tried to constantly outdo itself when it comes to elaborate firework displays.

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For bookings and best rates, check out atlantisthepalm. You may also take your children to the Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to show them the diverse variety of animal species.

It is held during the month of January.

The different reasons why you should drop by dubai

Share This Facebook Twitter Email 10 Reasons why you have to visit Dubai Springing up from the Arabian desert, Dubai is a city full of ambition from mega malls to some of the tallest buildings and the largest artificial islands in the world! Adventure at its Best! It's not a requirement, as in Cairo, Istanbul or Marrakech -- if you don't want to play simply ask the price, you'll be told a price, and you can pay that price. Photo Credit 9. Nightlife in Dubai offers you various excitements and that is for sure! Ski Dubai offers year-round snow right in the desert city, with the ambience perfect for skiing, snowboarding or simply playing in the snow. Dubai's Spice Souq may be small and a lot more touristy now than it once was, but a stroll here is an aromatic assault on the senses -- great buys include tiny boxes of saffron, frankincense the sticky golden rocks of resin in the big sacks , incense burners, and do-it-yourself henna kits. We make them happen. For more details, visit skydubai. The first and most prestigious of the three is the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can cross the river in a traditional abra for only 20c. Majestically standing on a man-made ground amidst the sea, the hotel is best known for its unique structure and lavish interiors. Get to know! Think of them as the equivalent of an old town square, piazza or plaza in Europe. The Shopping is Unparalleled.

However, one of the must see places in Dubai and the most popular souk in this vibrant city is definitely the Deira Gold Souk. The city boasts of its location and climate being perfect for different outdoor activities such as golf, dune driving, and windsurfing.

For more details, visit thedubaiaquarium.

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Karama Souq is not so much a souq but a rather shabby shopping center, but it's the best place for discounted souvenirs from the region: Arabian bronze and copper coffee pots, engraved trays and Aladdin lamps, Yemeni khanjars daggersBedouin silver jewellery from Oman, colorful Moroccan lamps, sequinned and beaded cushion covers and bedspreads from India, and mother-of-pearl inlaid boxes and furniture from Syria.

Photo Credit 9. The Spice Souk offers a variety of different herbs and spices while the Gold Souk provides unbeatable deals on its fine-crafted jewelry.

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Historic and Scenic Dubai Creek It is always recommended for you to start your Dubai sightseeing by taking the traditional Abra,water taxi to experience the Dubai Creek that flows between Bur Dubai and Deira and is the historic focal point in Dubai.

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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE