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Once, he tried to catch Murdoch's eye, but his new friend was looking somewhere else. Hanging on the walls were various exhibits of scoutcraft, and in one corner of the floor a tent and an imitation campfire had been set up, surrounded by imitation grass probably borrowed from the church cemetery next door.

The boy hurried down the steps and came running towards him, and when he drew abreast he stepped out and took him by the arm. Surely we could spend a few dollars for a complete scout uniform. After apologizing profusely to those who were picking up the flowers from the floor, he reached his chair with extra careful steps and sat down. I didn't mean to hurt you like that. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error. When the meeting came to an end he was the first person out of the hall. In this story he is portrayed as an insensitive boor who has poor judgement and constantly embarrasses his son. He helped me shape it, but I did most of the carving. Due to his drunkenness, John Purcell embarrassed his son even further. He pushed his way through the crowd to the back door of the hall, and stood on the outside steps and lit a cigarette. He began to feel like an outsider, and he glanced along the line of adult faces across the table, wondering if he was alone in his feelings. From then on their distance one from the other was greater than ever. He felt prouder than he had ever felt in his life before, and just handing the awards to his son like this didn't seem enough to mark the moment. They walked to Murdoch's car, which was parked against the cemetery wall. He had been under the impression that only the scoutmaster and his assistant went along with the boys.

But when an important event draws them together, the father realized what he has done wrong and what he has to do to save his relationship with his son. The boy was sobbing silently, his thin shoulders shuddering beneath his blazer.

As he hurried after him he wondered if he would ever be able to draw close to his son again. As the whiskey began to work he took a friendlier view of the affair, and applauded heartily as each twosome sat down.

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He stepped down carefully from the dais, and with all the dignity at his command made his way to his table. And he remembered going to watch the boy play ball in the school? In this story he is portrayed as an insensitive boor who has poor judgement and constantly embarrasses his son.

Once again, the father was being selfish when he left during the banquet to smoke and drink alcohol.

If my father was like the father in this story, I would probably tell my friends and tell my mom to help me with the problem. He rarely expresses his feelings to his father, but rather to his mom. Johnny hardly spoke to him at all, but attached himself conversationally to a boy sitting on the other side of him. When he looked around for the boy he found he had disappeared, and he climbed to the banquet hall alone. He has the pants, belt and shirt, and all he needs is the neckerchief — " "Afraid to ask me! Suddenly he was shamed by the enormity of his act, and had to prevent himself from taking his son on his knee and comforting him as he had done when the boy was younger. What makes you cringe?
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