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This is his third expulsion and he cannot endure to face his parents, so he hides out in New York, where his conduct is a nightmarish medley of loneliness, bravado, and supineness. Verdict: Needs fleshing out. At least, not on a conscious level. Who cares if Ackley doesn't want to let him stay and chat; Ackley's just a pimply moron. Thinking about major themes can be helpful to the reader. Verdict: Keep him away from the kids, lest he infect them with his pathetic perversion. For instance, some have compared Holden to Jesus. Holden likes her jazz style, saying she "sings it very Dixieland and whorehouse, and it doesn't sound at all mushy. His younger brother who he has idolized for his innocence -the way he now does his sister Phoebe — has died. He seems and this is why his character can be so addictive to have something that few people ever consistently attain: an attitude toward life. Maybe Holden has good reason to respect boundaries. And it should be festive. Babies born with cauls are sometimes said to have supernatural powers, and the caul itself has been traditionally considered good luck.

Luce, who likes to pose as a sophisticate, lacks the maturity or good sense to tell Holden that these feelings are admirable. Salinger is imagined to have given voice to what every adolescent, or, at least, every sensitive, intelligent, middle-class adolescent, thinks but is too inhibited to say, which is that success is a sham, and that successful people are mostly phonies.

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Who cares that Stradlater doesn't want to hang out; he's just a jerk. To me, his tragedy was not that he was, as he perhaps thought, not tough enough or brave enough or deserving enough to be accepted into humanity. He gets stuck with the tab for the three "moronic" girls' drinks in the Lavender Room at his hotel. Well, maybe. And as for ourselves, there is identification but no insight, a sense of pathos but not of tragedy. He is as unbalanced as, a rooster on a tightrope. And later, he himself is walking along the street in New York. However, as readers of any work of fiction especially with a novel as complex and richly ambiguous as The Catcher in the Rye we need to be careful not to try to define or dissect too much. When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author. When I first read it, I felt as if [Holden was] a confederate of mine, you know, a teammate in this skepticism about the worthiness of adult life, and now I look at him, in a way, like his old teacher, Mr. My brother D. Adventure is precisely what Holden does not endure; his sallies into the world are feigned his sacrificial burden, carried with whimsey and sardonic defiance, determined by his fate.

Does it have to do with his feelings on and past bad experiences with sexuality? And it may be Phoebe who provokes his longing for stasis because he fears that she may be changed—perhaps at his own hand.

He pays Sunny even though he doesn't have sex with her, and ends up getting cheated out of five more dollars and socked in the stomach, although technically this, too, was for different reasons.

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Holden shows a growing ability to adapt to adult life. Key piece of evidence: Allie dies of leukemia, the disease that many survivors of the atom bomb got.

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And guess who name-checks David Copperfield as the very beginning of his own story? Antolini 10 Targeted Audience 10 Guidance 12 F.

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