The weaknesses of the directory was

To what extent was napoleons military ability the main reason for his rise to power by 1799

To keep the treasury full, the Directory also imposed new taxes on property owners, based on the number of fireplaces and chimneys, and later on the number of windows, of their residences. One could not print enough money in one night to meet the most pressing needs of the next day Initially it was meant to be a legitimate takeover where to council of Ancients would vote them into power, however this did not go according to plan. What part did the WSC play in this? I shall start by choosing a particular reason which I feel to be most important and establish links with other causes from this, although my analysis could change my outlook on the idea of superiority of one cause over another. Had it not been for many of these skills, he would not been able to capitalise on opportunities in the unique way that he did, for example, a determined personality with an interest for the country following the economic depression This explains why the parliament refused to approve newly elected members of parliament in and rejected several government programs This situation gave rise to political intrigues which destroyed the government. The price of a liter of wine increased from 50 sous in October to ten francs and then thirty francs. This conspiratorial structure was later adopted by Marxist movements. What were the reasons behind this Coup that would make it successful? The promotion to colonel then led to Napoleon being used in the Vendemaire uprising where he used a 'whiff of grapeshot' to ensure the security of the directory, and then more importantly to his role as Commander of the Army of Italy when Napoleon really became a major figure known all around France by utilising his political intuition to create propaganda for himself in the form of newspapers, and when Napoleon earned the loyalty of the military men, some of whom in particular were later vital in the completion of the coup of Brumaire.

Director Carnot had been informed the night before by the commander of the camp, and a unit of dragoons was ready. Or did it simply come down to Napoleons skill?

the directory brought about stability to france between 1795 and 1799 discuss

The siege of Toulon started out Napoleon on his path to greatness by showing what a amazing tactical mind, inspiring leadership skills and roaring courage he possessed making him a clear candidate for the Directory to utilise.

There are 4 main points to discuss here: 1.

to what extent did the directory abandon the revolution

In Napoleon, Ducos and Sieyes arranged to gain power over France. The military objective set by the Convention in October was to enlarge France to what were declared its natural limits: the Pyreneesthe Rhine and the Alpsthe borders of Gaul at the time of the Roman Empire.

For example, those who were voted in the upper chamber of parliament had to pay 40, Francs.

the french directory was overthrown in 1799

Napoleon questioned the military effectiveness of the govemment in the following words; I go and I leave you in peace, I come back, I find war, I left you victorious but found you defeated! The exploitation of the wealth of Italy did not only increase Napoleon's popularity with his men, who were needed for his later rise to power during the coup of Brumaire, but it also increased his standing with the revolutionary government.

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The Weaknesses of the Directory Was the Main Reason for Napoleon's Rise to Power Essay