Topic ideas for procedural writing activities

Discover the steps in making a banana split. Photo Credits. This may take the form of, for example, a description of the completed meal for a recipe text or a description of the assembled furniture in a flat-pack instruction guide.

Procedural text activities

These command words, or bossy words, such as cut, take, hold are often used to give orders for readers to follow as they move step by step through the process outlined in the text. Procedural writing in which the child is asked to give navigational directions is useful because this is an activity almost every person will have to do at least once in her life. Conclusion The conclusion of a procedural text offers guidance to the reader on how they can evaluate the success of the procedure that has been followed. Actions should be outlined sequentially and time connectives can be used to help organize the necessary steps chronologically. This builds a child's confidence in his ability to accomplish procedural writing because he is secure in the knowledge of how to complete the activity. It is important for children to be able to give directions to locations based both on physical descriptions of the surroundings and on road maps. We will talk more on this aspect when we discuss language features in greater detail. Using the specific example of a procedure about how to make K-3 This is a sweet read aloud in its own right with lots of discussion possibilities. Too often students write themselves into corners as they try to describe complicated procedures while struggling with the technical difficulties of constructing grammatically sound sentences. Photo Credits. Sentences should also provide detailed information on the how of performing each of the steps in the process outlined.

It is a good idea to provide children with topic prompts when they first attempt procedural writing. This is a nonfiction genre and this should be reflected in the choice of language.

Teachers of fluent writers could use these as working texts for mini lessons about clarifying or adding to directions. When they are finished, reveal the original title of the text and compare with the suggestions made by the group.

procedural writing examples grade 7

Support your science curriculum, too! For a recipe, this will obviously include things like ingredients, but may also include things like the appliances and tools required to follow that recipe to completion.

Procedural writing template pdf

Keep it short and simple. Procedural writing can seem a very unimaginative activity in the eyes of a child, so it is helpful to try to create prompts that allow children to use their imaginative skills. It has a clear structure that includes an introduction, materials list, and step-by-step directions, and extras like reader tips and a photo glossary. It opens with a description of how Great White sharks can eat each other! Posted by Lindsay Barrett A former elementary teacher and reading nonprofit director, Lindsay now works as a literacy consultant and freelance writer while wrangling her four young children. In addition to being a cookbook, this volume also includes directions for planting and harvesting vegetables. Very often too this will provide for the title of the text itself. It involves taking a physical activity that children may not have previously thought about in a step-by-step fashion, and breaking it down into individual steps. This is a procedure text for Stage 1. A good rule of thumb for student writers is to use many short and simple sentences when writing about complex ideas. We will talk more on this aspect when we discuss language features in greater detail. For children to develop good procedural writing skills, they need to understand what they are trying to give instructions on, who they are giving instructions to and what steps they will be dividing their procedure into.
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