Tragedy of kedarnath essay help

Govind Giri was a great guy.

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According to the legends, it was originally built by the Pandavas during the Mahabharata times and ever since the deity has been revered by Hindus as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Let pilgrims figure out whether their faith is strong enough to make them trek to these holy sites. Only when these visitors are sent back to their homes, inhabitants will be able to get undivided attention.

Letting Nature or the laws of creation to prevail.

Tragedy of kedarnath essay help

Such a head is seen carved in another temple nearby constructed on the site where the marriage of Shiva and Parvati was held. One of the Shankaracharyas said to have commented that it happened because Siva was angry with the ways of the world and the increasing sinful conduct of people. At least, my imagination would not have stretched that far. All beings are destined to be so, until they reach a certain level of perfection and purification. Now, surely Shiva did not speak to anyone about his anger or disappointment with the world or people. A particularly poignant memory of my trek relates to hundreds of people who were walking like me. I was hooked to news: reading and watching whatever being dished out. In this blog post, I attempt to put it all together: what I felt and thought as news and visuals poured in, explanation that I have learned, and my opinion on development vs. As it is now monsoon season in the region, it will not only make rehabilitation difficult, but also cause its own annual quota of destruction and loss of life. Human beings are meant to be a mixture of good and evil. Whatever emotion we may attribute to them, they are our own projections into our idea of them, not the reality. The waters gushed on both the sides of the temple destroying everything in their path.

Water and Bel leaves are used for worship. As pure consciousness, he is supposed to be the same amidst the dualities, equal to all, indifferent and undisturbed.

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While reports on the extent of damage and rescue and helplines were useful, but along with that, quite substantial amount of nonsense and sensation was also being dished out. The Vedas indicate that our gods are displeased if humans defy them by ignoring their duties, or try to escape from the cycle of births and deaths by engaging in spiritual activity to achieve liberation. They remain indifferent. Sadly these experiences have made me accustomed to such news from that region. Water and Bel leaves are used for worship. Sometimes, God wants to help us by sending clear messages or advance warnings to caution us of an impending problem or crisis. Letting Nature or the laws of creation to prevail. Everything is his play in the unified consciousness. Their purpose is to inculcate devotion and religiosity and provide spiritual guidance. June is peak month of Chota Char Dham pilgrimage for two reasons: it is summer vacation time in most of north India, and rain starts in Garhwal by end of June or early July. If we do not pray, they do not punish us. Right to pilgrimage is fine, but who has granted the right for it to be easy. TV coverage was 24x7, and sadly it was mostly sensational, designed to grab eyeballs for high TRP.

There is a small pillared hall in front of the temple, that has images of Parvathi and of the five Pandava princes. There were murmurs on facebook and other groups of dead bodies buried in the slush inside the temple, littered in the temple town and on the trail all the way 14 km down to Gauri Kund.

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In this still unfolding tragedy, more than thousand people died, many thousands still missing, several villages completely destroyed, hundreds of villages rendered inaccessible, Crores of rupees worth of infrastructure and property lost. Another serious trouble was developing over the night at the Chorabari Lake actually a Tarn at the western snout of the Charobari Glacier. Whole Garhwal was facing unprecedented tragedy. It was not always this easy. It is difficult to believe that they are susceptible to emotional instability or human frailty, or experience negative emotions such as fear, anger, envy or frustration as ordinary mortals. Most of them were old and not accustomed to the mountains and its fiercely cold weather. As it is now monsoon season in the region, it will not only make rehabilitation difficult, but also cause its own annual quota of destruction and loss of life. Raja Pandu died at Pandukeshwar. People shift their settlement too from Kedarnath to nearby villages. We had to trek several kilometers to avoid roads blocked by landslides, and upon reaching Gangotri, we found town deserted and locked down instead of teeming with pilgrims. Therefore, when we suffer, we have to look within ourselves to find the causes rather than blaming gods. As the transcendental being of light and wisdom, who is beyond the mind and senses, he cannot be susceptible to human passions and emotions or acts like deluded humans.
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tragedy of kedarnath essay help