Travel website design

Travel website design

But considering that Brazil is a huge country, making up almost half of the continent of South America, the site has a lot of information to cover. All of these ideas share one commonality: They come from goal-oriented visitors. Content and services The website offers the full range of services related to Design Hotels all over the world. Cookiesound Cookiesound is another travel blog that focuses on sharing personal stories from a mother-daughter photographer team. In this case, simplicity works. The first thing visitors see is a stunning landscape. Fortunately, plenty of other travel sites have already accomplished this goal — and you can use their results to guide your design decisions. Content and services 2. It features different types of tours and details about the cafe, as well as general tourist information for visitors to the city. Visual UI design The blog or magazine style grid layout, with photos and a lot of white space. User Experience Design: Although the text of navigation bar is small, but the overall structure is complete. Best of all, everything is easily accessible from the big menu bar. And beyond that, this setup also forces the site to group menu options using just four categories. Right from the start, a prominent image gallery does a lot of the selling on the website for Telluride.

But if you choose to take a similar approach, then pay attention to the size and quality of your images. Visitors have the option to explore information about hotels, dining, events, and activities — essentially, all the details they might need to plan their trip.

We chose three of the most interesting websites relating to the criteria described above. Content and services Content is the basis for this type of website, which features many articles from experts and amateurs. Users can see what they want to know at a glance.

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This is essentially a form of social proof. Your files should be large enough to produce high-quality detail, but not so big that they slow down your site. As a result, the site requires a very different type of organization. As a result, we can gather that their target audience is prospective travelers who want to spend their trip enjoying the outdoors.

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But the site makes it easy for visitors to see why they should visit the city, as well as access all of the information they need to plan their trip. Let our travel website design build a sense of adventure, and make your visitor feel like the trip has already begun.

And while the photos are likely what initially draw readers in, what sets this site apart from others is the personal perspective.

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But unlike any of the others, it presents the various regions and attractions with a video game-inspired design.

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Travel Website Design