What are the advantages and disadvantages of f w taylor s scientific management theory

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Mental revolution is a concept evolved by Taylor for the development of mutual trust, understanding, and confidence between management and labour. The industries certify optimum use of all the resources like raw materials, machinery and devices, funds and workforce. Advantages of Scientific Management towards society: Scientific Management made it possible to sell good quality products at low prices. But now its scope is enlarged to cover all other aspects of the industrial management. Unemployment: With the application of this theory, men are replaced by machines which in turn lead to unemployment. This is where Scientific Management Theory comes in. There is development and increase in production efficiency.

Benefits to the country: Once the theory is applied in different places, there will be increased productivity which to the state means increased tax income which in turn funds development projects like free secondary school education, construction of tarmac roads and so on.

To achieve this, workmen must be chosen appropriately and trained plus the working conditions and tools should be improved.

Scientific Management Theory has so many advantages as compared to its limitations. However, we can still absorb from the theory and many of the methods are still practiced in this era. Non financial incentives can do many things more than what financial incentives can do.

Why is it so? This demonstrates the principle of functional foremanship. They are also able to attain better living standards. By this way, industrial disputes are reduced and peace in an industry is achieved.

fw taylor scientific management

They are applied only at times when there is a quantitative measuring of the employees. The theory when adopted needs more time for standardization, study and specialization, or else at the time of overhauling, the workers suffer.

The wastage of resources is always scientifically removed from all spheres of industrial production.

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Criticism of Taylor's Scientific Management