What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic

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No activities in a firm are independent, yet each department is managed separately. They are computer-based information systems. Again, this type of detail is best obtained by classical systems analysis methods. Going back to the earlier discussion on why some businesses failed, even with the best-laid plans and strategies, have you ever wondered what went wrong in the implementation of these strategies? The company may have existing strategies that have always worked well in the past years, and are still expected to yield excellent results in the coming periods. Employees gain a sense of autonomy and control d. Enhanced competitive position increased market shares or profits 2.

What could have gone wrong? Policies that enhance the low-cost position or differentiation should be emphasized.

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Again, communicate these policies and programs to the members of the organization. An information system is an organized set of components for collecting, transmitting, and storing, and processing data in order to deliver information for action.

Telecommunications: Electronic transmission of information over distances; also, the means of this transmission.

What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic

The possibilities for integration or de-integration should be examined systematically. But as my file of cases grew, I realized that the conventional perspective on information systems was incomplete, unable to account for SIS. It is defined by the effort required to affect the competitive environment and the strategy of a firm at the point in time that management wants to move on the idea. Relative permanence and rigidity of both functional and divisional structures often lead to a lack of coordination across the corporation's units and to units pursuing their own, as opposed to organizational goals. This lack of understanding may be traced to a number of reasons, such as: Lack of effective communication, or lack of communication, in general. Systems There should be a clear indication and guide on how the main activities or operations of the business are carried out. A differentiator selectively adds costs in areas that are important to the buyer. Resources One of the basic activities in strategy implementation is the allocation of resources. Strategy implementation is the stage that demands participation of the entire organization. General drawbacks to the traditional organizational structure include: a. It is necessary to identify the specific activities which the firm performs to do business. Privacy does the information system or the way the system is used abridge the right of individuals to control information about themselves?

Provide job satisfaction 2. However, the McKinsey approach takes a wider approach, assessing if they are well-aligned with the other factors or not.

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The four generic types of support activities are: Procurement , which includes the contracting for and purchase of raw materials, or any items used by the enterprise. The basic notion is that to understand competitive advantage in any firm, one cannot look at the firm as a whole. Reinforcing these strategies is also a part of strategy implementation. Step 4: Budgeting and allocation of resources It is now time to equip the implementors with the tools and other capabilities to perform their tasks and functions. Capacity Utilization. Examples of this are automatic credit card handing at service stations, and automatic teller machines at banks. Quite possibly, the aspect of performance management that will encourage employee involvement is a recognition and reward structure. These stories often leave us in a state of wonder and awe, and we find ourselves wanting to know more. Not conducive to all type of jobs b.

Multiple layers of management separate the line workers from the top managers c. On the other hand, they may have a strategic perspective built into them, and may handle inventory in a way that dramatically affects profitability.

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Linkages should be exploited within the value chain. Strategic information systems, on the other hand, become an integral and necessary part of the business, and they affect the profitability and growth of a company. Ensuring an open and clear communication network will facilitate the implementation process. The four generic types of support activities are: Procurement , which includes the contracting for and purchase of raw materials, or any items used by the enterprise. Transaction Processing Systems: Necessary for operational data processing. Provide job satisfaction 2. Instantaneous access to information. Cluster Organization: Organizational structure in which the principal work units are the temporary and permanent teams of people who contribute their distinct knowledge and experience. First things first, check that the strategies on the plan are following the same path leading to the mission and strategic goals of the organization. Gaining competitive advantage[ edit ] Some of the more common ways of thinking about gaining competitive advantage are: Deliver a product or a service at a lower cost.

Define the indicators for measuring the performance of every employee, of every unit or section, of every division, and of every department.

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