Workplace issues

Do not try to solve their problem for them.

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Discuss your career goals with your supervisor and how to accomplish them. For instance, around a third said they wished they'd achieved work-life balance. She also experiences a heavy feeling of anxiety before heading to the office and often calls in sick to avoid the issue all together.

Workplace issues

If you feel unsafe or need help, report it to your supervisor and human resources. A recent study from Staples bears this out. Raising an issue at work When there's a problem at work, it should be tackled quickly. Around 22 percent said they struggled with growing their career. Complaining may be their attempt to avoid conflict, relieve stress about things they feel they have no control over, or simply to get attention. For instance, around a third said they wished they'd achieved work-life balance. Additionally, some jobs such as health care worker, teacher, social worker, and administrative support worker have been associated with increased levels of depression. Volunteer to take on new responsibilities and projects to prove you can do other things. Do not play their game. Solution: Employees in this situation should consider speaking to their manager and state openly that he or she had hoped to have the opportunity to move into the new role.

Jose seeks therapy to help manage his stress. She has learned that she does not have to accept the current office environment as her reality, and has identified what steps to take to feel more comfortable at work.

Try to use the "we" approach: "WE seem to be missing deadlines because tasks aren't started on time.

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Harassment in the workplace can also lead to legal troubles. Bring solutions to the table. Have clear discipline, grievance and dispute procedures for dealing with conflict.

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Shimkus expects that learning and development teams will get more flexible and creative in order to accommodate diverse learning preferences now that all four generations are active in the workforce at once, such as by enabling mobile learning on demand. The New York Times. Both coworkers and bosses can be bullies. Not asking for help. Congress Joint Economic Committee. This prevents you from moving up or in a new career direction. Tell the bully that their comments or actions are offensive and give them an opportunity to correct his or her behavior.

With the right tools and approach, you can begin to look forward to your workdays again.

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Workplace Challenges